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Lexapro is used for treating depression or generalized anxiety disorder.

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Best generic brand of lexapro on the market for past 20 years, but the company that has been accused of cheating on the marketing its brand in an aggressive and sometimes underhanded campaign to sell the drug seniors, has also been under growing scrutiny from some of the health industry's most prominent critics. That may have something to do with the fact that Vertex Pharmaceuticals is owned by one of the country's 10 largest drug distributors, which in turn is controlled by another industry power couple, the Roche Group. company also holds financial backing from a $13 billion hedge fund owned by another of the country's 10 large drug distributors, Allergan. But the growing scrutiny has done little to dent Vertex's reputation as one of the health industry's top companies, and the company plans to go on continuing sell its drug while it fights the allegations in court. Vertex Pharmaceuticals is engaged in a bitter legal battle with patient who has accused the company of using deceptive tactics to try get her older brother to sign up for its Lexapro branded drug while he was in the hospital. fight, which has reached the U.S. Supreme Court, raises two other questions: Does the federal government have a say in who gets to make drug purchases, and who gets responsible for mislabeling? Critics of Vertex are concerned that the allegations won't end with dispute the patient, but could potentially snowball into a broader crackdown on the way drug companies practice their business. "It's troubling that Vertex has the resources and legal acumen to successfully defend itself against allegations stemming from its marketing practices," said Dan Mendelson, president of Avalere Health Strategies, a market research firm focusing on healthcare policy and strategy. "Unfortunately, the fact that this is company in which these companies operate makes it especially troubling." The patient, now 56 years old, is seeking $800 million in damages from Vertex for illegal inducements to sign up for its brand of Lexapro, which was approved for the treatment of certain types depression, anxiety, and dementia. The company's efforts had been to target seniors who didn't have a good insurance policy, as well those with significant medical needs. She alleged there were also attempts to persuade older patients change doctors and the pharmacy where Lexapro was dispensed. The company has tried to dismiss the lawsuit, but U.S. Supreme Court has allowed Vertex to argue it was acting in good faith when marketing Lexapro to older patients. The Court also asked company for documents and testimony in the case if it should findVertex guilty. Vertex has responded by turning its ire on the patient in a series of ads, letters and press releases, saying that the allegations are false and that customers can trust Vertex's track record. The company also says it has changed its approach to marketing the drug, buy brand lexapro online going back to primary goal of helping people with depressive disorders. "When a serious medical condition is present, it vital that patients be advised by an expert who has knowledge of the substance in question but who is not otherwise affiliated with the prescribing physician," Vertex said in a statement. "In those situations, we are willing and able to work with a patient's health care team to explain how we manage our relationships with drug manufacturers." Vertex has also said it plans to conduct a drug safety review, new study to assess whether older patients have lexapro brand coupon a greater need for Lexapro than younger counterparts, and take some measures if the drug is found to have caused injury any patient. "Vertex understands from the outset that"

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