Our Mission

Intervention, Prevention, & Education.

Friends of Pets provides vital animal welfare and protective services for abandoned animals, with respect, compassion and integrity. We intervene to reduce the euthanasia rates at the Anchorage Animal Care & Control Center, to promote responsible pet ownership and to improve the quality of life for companion animals.

Board of Directors

Michele Girault


Ruth Quinlan


LeeLani French


Christy Garrett


Marjorie Carter

Erin Reynolds

Erin Reynolds


Janice Strickland


Rescue, Foster & Adoption

Friends of Pets was formed as a voice for the animals at Anchorage Animal Care & Control Center, and this remains our rescue focus. As an AACCC rescue partner, we are generally asked to rescue those animals which by municipal ordinance cannot otherwise be adopted directly to the public, usually because they are ill or injured. We also assist in cases of abuse and neglect. Our donors provide the critical financial support to heal and rehabilitate these pets for a second chance at a loving lifetime home. In addition, our rescue program also maintains a small group of long-term fosters and sanctuary animals whose prospects for adoption are limited, but for whom euthanasia is not recommended. Another aspect of our rescue program is the Safe Haven program, a partnership with Abused Women’s Aid in Crisis (AWAIC), in which pets impacted by domestic violence can are assured a safe temporary home when their owner enters the AWAIC shelter.

Spay / Neuter Advocacy & Assistance

Since its founding in 1989, Friends of Pets has educated the public on spay/neuter as a means of preventing unwanted pets, and it is a regular part of the veterinary care provided to our rescue animals. Our Spay/Neuter Assistance Program assists residents of the municipality of Anchorage who need help to afford this health service. We also regularly advocate for animals at the Anchorage Animal Care & Control Center by providing spay/neuter assistance as an incentive for adoption, and providing spays for the mothers of unwanted litters brought to the shelter.

Education & Outreach

Friends of Pets provides information to pet owners, educational outreach to schools and community groups, and maintains a call center for public information. We participate in many community events to reach pets and their families. We provide information on pet behavior and problem solving. We have been recognized for excellence in the Anchorage School District School-Business Partnership program. Along with the Anchorage Public Libraries and the Alaska Center for the Book, we are a major sponsor of the Reading Rendezvous / Be Kind to Animals event to support the Summer Reading Program, We publish the Whiskers & Tales newsletter quarterly with agency news and information.