Mickey and Louie – adopted!

adult Male cat, Neutered Black and white bonded pair, 3 years


Special Needs: Bonded Pairs

Mickey and Louie came to us because of their owner’s significant allergies. They are bonded, so we are looking for a home where they can stay together, and we recommend they be the only cats in the home. They are initially shy, but warm up once comfortable.  Portraits by David Jensen Photography.

Foster home update: Mickey and Louie love to play and are full of energy.  They are looking for a home that can keep them active and engaged. Mickey loves the laser and any sort of shadows or lights. Louie likes the wheel and toys on a felt string. They are loving and warmed up quickly to a friend’s toddler. They are just looking for someone to play with! They enjoy cat TV on YouTube and watching birds out the window.  They also enjoy cuddling together and sleep in the bed.  They get along with other cats and dogs in the foster home. FOP photo.