Jake – adopted!

young Male Mixed breed puppy, black/white


Jake is one of 10 puppies that Friends of Pets rescued in December, in cooperation with Anchorage Animal Care & Control. We anticipate these puppies will be medium size adults (mom is 25 lbs). Jake has a playful spirit and innocent charm. Whether it’s romping around the yard or curling up by your side for a nap, he will no doubt steal your heart! Portrait by David Jensen Photography

Foster home update 4/4/24: He’s doing great and absolutely loves walks as much as snuggle time! He’s a gentleman when he meets new people or other dogs…is a bit leery of loud cars that pass bu (but hasn’t been bothered by the avalanche blasting that goes on sometime at Alyeska!) He continues to do well on potty training outside and is learning sit & down cues as well as recalls!