Diesel – adopted!

adult Male dog, Neutered Labrador Retriever mix, black/white, 4 years, 40 lbs


If you’d love a dog with great house manners and one that will entertain you with his ball and toys, Diesel would be perfect. His medium size is perfect for the house but great for adventures too. He prefers to be your one and only dog, but he’s been working diligently on his social skills with other canines in public and has made good strides. He’s content to hang out while you work from home or from an office and is a great couch buddy when you watch a movie. He definitely has a schedule and will let you know when it’s time to play or eat, and is happy to sit and roll over for a treat! Volunteers who interact with him all say he’s a “cool dog.” He has previously lived with children and would love a fenced yard filled with balls to retrieve! Portrait by David Jensen Photography