Chestnut – adopted!

adult Male cat, Neutered Black tabby mediumhair


This sweet kitty came to us via Anchorage Animal Care and Control. He’s 9-10 years old but has had a full health check and has many years of love and companionship yet to give! Portrait by David Jensen Photography.

Chestnut’s foster home reports:
He is adjusting fairly quickly and seems independent throughout the day (doesn’t follow me around). He seems happy to find a quiet spot on the cat tree in the sunshine to nap! If I put him on my lap, he will happily sit and cuddle; he loves pets, and purrs a lot! He doesn’t mind being held or carried around. He has also jumped into bed with me. He is pretty laid back and easy going- not too interested in toys. He has medium/long hair that requires grooming. He is getting along fine with our other cats and dogs, but doesn’t seek them out to play (peacefully coexisting)!