This year’s mascots represent the happy endings made possible when someone first makes the choice to intervene for an animal in need. From there the safety net grows through rescue, medical assessment, and the search for a loving lifetime home. But none of it occurs unless someone takes that initial step of faith. Our partnership with VCA East Anchorage connected us with a wonderful couple, Rachel and Steve, who have always loved and shared their lives with German Shepherd Dogs. These beautiful boys now enjoy the best life has to offer!

Echo was born with a deformed front leg. A good Samaritan intervened on his behalf so that he was not euthanized, and Friends of Pets was contacted as a potential partner to support him. The leg was amputated and Echo adapted well, as so many tripods do. However, when the family had to move out of state, Echo came back into Friends of Pets’ care.

“Echo is obsessed with his toy, and in the summer time loves to chase his toy and play with water sprayed from the hose. The top halves of his ears flop up and down as he bounces around chasing his toy. He is also true to his German Shepherd breed and a big crybaby. Mostly for someone to throw his toy!”

Moe came into the the FOP rescue program through a family member who intervened on his behalf, wanting him to have a better quality of life. FOP took care of needed health care and posted him for adoption. Fortunately, Rachel and Steve were alerted that we had another wonderful German Shepherd and they welcomed him to the family. Echo made sure that Moe understood who was in charge of the toys, and since then they have lived happily as “brothers from different mothers.”

“Moe is a big snuggly boy. He’s also a big couch potato, which has earned him the name Motato! Moe prefers to chew his toys and tennis balls. He wasn’t too sure about water from the hose at first, but now he likes to chase the water…but he doesn’t like to get wet!”