Male Grey shorthair

This gentle senior came to us because his owner was ill. Cain himself is diabetic, and the sanctuary program supports his health care...

Lars – adopted!

Male, Neutered Mixed breed, tan, 18 months

Lars is a sweetheart! He's a great walking partner and loves to sneak on the bed to cuddle! He does well with other dogs. Lars has...

Caesar – now at the Rainbow Bridge

Male, Neutered Labrador / Husky mix, 13 years

Caesar has been adopted, but Friends of Pets will continue to help support his care and good quality of life. He is a gentlemanly and...

Lefty – now at the Rainbow Bridge

Male, Neutered Mixed breed, tan and white, 13 years

November 2018: Lefty has passed away. Many thanks to his adoptive family and to the sponsors who continued to support his care. Lefty...

Daisy and Cooter, both at the Rainbow Bridge

Male, Neutered Basset Hound male and female, red and white

December 2018: Daisy has now joined Cooter at the Rainbow Bridge. These long-term friends spent their golden years with us to look after...

Little Bit

Female, Spayed Miniature Pinscher / Chihuahua mix

Little Bit is not available for adoption. Min Pin / Chihuahua mix female, senior. Little Bit and her pal Cocoa came to us because they...

Leela – now at the Rainbow Bridge

Female, Spayed Shih Tzu female, 14 years old

Leela has passed away. We are so grateful to her loving foster home, and to the kind sanctuary sponsors who supported her...

Sierra is now at the Rainbow Bridge

Female, Spayed Tabby shorthair female

April 2018 - Sierra has passed away from complications of liver cancer. We are grateful to our kind sanctuary sponsors for supporting her...

Pepper – adopted!

Female, Spayed Black shorthair female

Pepper has been adopted by her long-time foster home, but FOP will continue to help support her health care needs. Pepper needs a quiet...


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