Sadie – adopted!

Female, Spayed Labrador Retriever, chocolate, 10 years

Sadie came to us because her owner is ill - she's been well loved! She has loads of ball and kong play energy, and has lived with another...

Beau – adopted!

Male, Neutered Labrador mix, black, 4 years

Beau is a wonderful dog - he's social with other dogs and gentle with kids! Portrait by David Jensen Photography.

Charlie & Duke – adopted!

Male, Neutered Sheltie (tricolor) and LH Dachshund (black dapple), 7 years

This handsome pair is seeking a new family to love after the death of their owner. Both dogs are around 7 years old. We had hoped to...

Earl – adopted!

Male, Neutered Terrier mix, 13 years old

Earl came to FOP as a result of his owner passing away. He is neutered current on vaccinations and had a recent dental cleaning. He loves...

Willow – adopted!

Female, Spayed Black and white shorthair, 10 months

Willow came to us via Animal Care & Control after she was left there as a young mother. Her kittens have been weaned and adopted, so she...

Jeff – I’ve been adopted!

Male, Neutered Havanese mix, 2 years old

Beau and Jeff came to us as a pair when their owner passed away unexpectedly. They have had several transitions in a short period of...

Dozer – adopted!

Male, Neutered Shepherd / Husky mix, 3 years

Dozer came to us via Anchorage Animal Care and Control. He was described as loving and protective. He is a strong boy so we are working...

Chestnut – adopted!

Male, Neutered Black tabby mediumhair

This sweet kitty came to us via Anchorage Animal Care and Control. He's 9-10 years old but has had a full health check and has many years...

Link – adopted!

Male, Neutered Orange and cream mediumhair, 2 years

Link is a handsome and healthy male cat who came to us along with Charlie and Tuffy when their owner passed away. He genuinely loves dogs...

Charlie – adopted!

Male, Neutered Beagle mix, brown and cream

Charlie is a dog that never stops smiling! He came to us along with Tuffy and Link, when their owner passed away. He is well socialized...

Tuffy – adopted!

Male, Neutered I'm trying out a new home - wish me luck! Black Labrador Retriever, senior

Tuffy is a gentle senior who came to us when his owner passed away. He has lived with Charlie and Link, and although it would be...

Lucy – adopted!

Female, Spayed Havanese mix

Lucy is a sweetheart looking for a second chance at love! She is social, has good house manners, and would love a human companion who is...

Teddy – adopted!

Male, Neutered Black and grey Toy Poodle / Shih Tzu mix

What an adorable young fellow! He's social with cats and dogs, and his playful antics will keep you smiling. He needs a home where he can...

Marcus – adopted!

Male, Neutered Chocolate point Siamese mix

Marcus is a handsome and gentle boy who is social with other cats. He is curious and playful! Portrait by David Jensen Photography.

CC – adopted!

Female, Spayed Calico, 1 year old

Shy but sweet, this gentle girl developed a friendship with Marcus while in their foster home. Living with another cat could be ideal for...

Napa – adopted!

Male, Neutered Black Labrador Retriever mix, young

This very energetic boy needs an owner who loves to walk, run or hike. A fenced yard would be ideal for his active play! Portrait by...

Wendy – adopted!

Female, Spayed Labrador Retriever mix, white/brown, 2 years

This shy but very sweet girl was left in the night drop at Anchorage Animal Care and Control. Volunteers are working to build her...

TC – adopted!

Male, Neutered English Springer Spaniel, white/black, 13 years

T.C. came to us along with Corby when their owner passed away. Although he's a senior and loves a good cuddle on the couch, he also still...

Corby – adopted!

Male, Neutered English Springer Spaniel, black/white, 9 years

Corby came to us after his owner passed away. He loves his walks and has received rave reviews from volunteers for his gentle spirit....

RT – adopted!

Male, Neutered Black mediumhair male, 7+ years old

RT came to us already declawed. He has lived with other cats and a dog. He loves sleeping on his owner's pillow, cuddling and playing...

Lefty – adopted!

Male, Neutered Mixed breed, tan and white, 13 years

Lefty has been adopted, but Friends of Pets continues to help support his ongoing needs. He first came to us when he was reluctantly...

Zoe – adopted!

Female, Spayed Chihuahua mix, tan and white

If you appreciate a small package who loves to be in charge, Zoe will capture your heart! Portrait by David Jensen Photography.

Koga – adopted!

Male, Neutered Chow Chow male, black, 4 years

Koga is very social with people, and loves to take walks. Motivated by treats, he will quickly sit and offer a paw! Portrait by David...

Beanie – adopted!

Male, Neutered Pomeranian / Chihuahua mix, sable and white, 13 years old

Beanie is another word for adorable! He is social with dogs, cats, and people, and has lots of get-up-and-go! Portrait by David Jensen...

Bella – adopted!

Female, Spayed Labrador Retriever, yellow, 6 years old

This sweet, social girl has lived with another dog and with kids. She is very food motivated, so needs a family who keeps her active and...

Bolt – adopted!

Male, Neutered Husky, white, 8 years old

Bolt is a gorgeous and energetic boy who would love another dog to romp and play with, and an owner who enjoys winter activities...

Molson – adopted!

Male, Neutered Black and white mediumhair

This handsome boy became a favorite at Animal Care & Control because of his engaging personality, so when he became ill we were asked to...

Gracie – adopted!

Female, Spayed Siamese mix, kitten

This adorable little girl was found as a stray. She would do best in a calm home where she has a chance to build some confidence....

Sonya – adopted!

Female, Spayed Chocolate point Siamese female, 2 years

Sonya is seeking a new family because her owner is ill and no longer able to care for her. She has wonderful house manners and plenty of...

Pepper – adopted!

Female, Spayed Black shorthair female

Pepper has been adopted by her long-time foster home, but FOP will continue to help support her health care needs. Pepper needs a quiet...

Bijoux – adopted!

Female, Spayed Black shorthair female, 10 years old

Bijoux found her second chance with a family who knew her former owner. Thank you for caring! Look at those stunning green eyes!...

Keegan – adopted!

Male, Neutered Norwegian Forest Cat mix, tabby longhair, 13 years

Looking for a mellow companion for cold winter nights? Keegan is ready for the job. He's in great health and very affectionate! Portrait...

Ruger – adopted!

Male, Neutered Jack Russell Terrier mix male, white, 7 years

Ruger loves walking and outdoor activity and cuddling on the couch in equal measure. He is not respectful of cats, but could cohabitate...

Daisy May – adopted!

Female, Spayed Boxer mix female, fawn

Daisy is living on the hillside and has already developed a circle of human and dog friends! Daisy May was found loose on the streets of...

Buddy – adopted!

Male, Neutered Beagle mix, tricolor

Buddy came to us because his owners could no longer take care of him. He has a sweet disposition! We'll share more as we get to know him....

Simon – adopted!

Male, Neutered Retriever mix, cream

Simon is a young pup found as a stray at the Totem theatres. He's eager to please (and motivated by food) and would be best matched to an...

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