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Friends of Pets is a 501(c)(3) organization, staffed
entirely by volunteers and supported by donations.
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Diamond Animal Hospital & Emergency Services
2545 E. Tudor Rd.
24 Hours
(907) 562-8384

Pet Emergency Treatment
2320 E. Dowling Rd.
24 Hours
(907) 274-5636

ASPCA Poison Control
24 Hours
(888) 426-4435



Anchorage Animal Care & Control Center - Lost & Found, Available Pets and more!
Renting with pets - our page of helpful resources
Looking for our award-winning PSA videos? They're on our YouTube channel


We have original brochures on a variety of topics that can help with common issues of owning pets. Download one or all, for yourself or a friend. Need help with other problems? Check the Need Help page or give us a call at 562-2535.


A Million Reasons to Spay or Neuter

Save a life today - have your pet spayed or neutered. Learn the facts about pet overpopulation and how you and your pet can benefit from spay/neuter.

Baby and the Beast

Thoughts on bringing baby home when pets are already in the family. Tips on how to prepare and how to help everyone adjust.


Prepare, protect, persist to bring your lost pet home. What to do, who to call, where to look. See more suggestions on our Need Help? page too.

Noises in the Night

Coping with your cat's midnight mania! Learn why some cats are so active at night, and ways to help you all get some sleep.

Paws in Passing

Coping with pet loss and grief. This brochure is part of our grief support packet provided to families experiencing this loss.


Save the Sofa / Save the Paws

Smart solutions to cat scratching problems, without putting your pet through a painful declawing surgery.


If disaster strikes, do you have a plan for your pets? Prepare emergency supplies in advance - here's our list of things to include. And take some clear ID photos of your pet right now, in case you're separated in an emergency.


A municipal license tag can bring your lost pet safely home. Renewing through FOP helps support our programs! Multi-year licenses are now available. Call Michele at 333-9534 to order your license through FOP. Check out our YouTube videos on pet licensing and ID too!


Friends of Pets offers a free grief information packet that can help address the common feelings associated with the death of a loved pet. Email Peg or call her at 689-7787 to request a grief packet. Be sure to give your name (with proper spelling) and complete mailing address. Your packet will arrive in 7-10 days.


Be a more knowledgeable pet owner by learning about the Municipal ordinance (Title 17) that regulates animal care and control issues in our community. Learn your rights and responsibilities, and understand the role of Anchorage Animal Care & Control in protecting animal welfare and enforcing the law.


FOP's quarterly newsletter Whiskers & Tales is mailed to our supporters, with updates on events, adopted and available pets, and much more.

Submit photos and stories - We love to hear from you about how our rescues are doing in their adoptive homes!

Update your mailing address information - Be sure to provide both old and new address info, as well as any changes that need to be made.