Tango and Joan - Portrait by David Jensen Photography

I wasn’t looking for another dog when Tango came into the FOP rescue program – a year-old Chihuahua, with lots of confidence and wild energy. But I found him very hard to resist! My other Chihuahua, Pepper, wasn’t eager to have a rambunctious little brother, and I didn’t want Tango’s exuberance to be dimmed, so we agreed to an extended trial placement to see how things worked out. After quite a while they became fast friends, agreeing that Pepper was the boss about most things, but Tango would get his way with extra lap time. Tango (so named because he often dances on his hind legs) officially joined our family in October 2010.

Tango - Portrait by David Jensen Photography

Several years ago, we left Alaska for northern Nevada where the warmer temperatures are a much better fit for a Chihuahua’s needs. We also found many new activities to stimulate Tango’s body and brain. He’s a great hiking companion and is known as Tango the Terrific Trail Dog. He gracefully leaps little streams or chooses rocks carefully so as to keep those dancing paws dry! He adores nosework play and is practicing to pass his Odor Recognition Tests so we can compete in fun trials. He demands we play “find it” every evening, whether or not I’m in the mood! And the boy does get his way.

Tango the Terrific Trail Dog

Tango's a therapy dog too!

Tango’s most recent achievements are becoming a Certified Therapy Dog and earning his Canine Good Citizen certificate. As a therapy dog team, we visit colleges at exam time as stress reduction for students. We visit local libraries and elementary schools to read to children. We educate students about the differences between service and therapy dogs, and how to safely greet an unknown dog.

Tango is a quick study for tricks as well! He can roll-over, play dead, touch with his nose, give a high five…and turn his head to look at someone else when I ask, “Who’s good-looking?”

As Michele from FOP says, “He’s gone from a wild child to a working companion.” Tango is also a spoiled baby who loves to sleep late, snuggling in his blankets and waiting for the day to warm up. I’m so lucky to have him in my life!

Tango says, “I’m the lucky one! Friends of Pets gave me a great new life, and now they need our help to save more cats and dogs. Come join us on the trail!”