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Disaster Preparedness

Include these items in your pet's emergency kit. Gather records and identification photos now, in advance of a disaster. And never, ever leave your best friend behind!



Diamond Animal Hospital & Emergency Services
2545 E. Tudor Rd.
24 Hours
(907) 562-8384

Pet Emergency Treatment
2320 E. Dowling Rd.
24 Hours
(907) 274-5636

ASPCA Poison Control
24 Hours
(888) 426-4435



Purchase a sturdy, waterproof storage container for each pet, and fill it with the following supplies:


Food and water

  • 7 day supply of food
  • 7 day supply of bottled water
  • Unbreakable food/water dishes
  • Can opener and utensils


Health and first aid

  • Supply of regular medications
  • First aid supplies (include gauze pads, antiseptic, first aid cream, adhesive tape or vetwrap, tweezers, scissors, etc.) Commercial pet first aid kits are available.
  • First aid manual for pets

Basic supplies

  • Litter and litterbox for cats
  • Plastic bags and pooper scooper for dogs
  • Spare collar and leash
  • Bedding (newspaper, blankets or towels will do)
  • Toy or comfort object


Records and information

  • Photograph of each pet
  • Instructions on each pet’s feeding schedule, medications and special needs
  • Copy of health records
  • List of boarding facilities and pet-friendly motels within a 200-mile radius

All pets need a collar with ID and license tags. A microchip provides a permanent form of ID. An extra tag with an out-of-area contact name and number is important if you and your pet are displaced and become separated. If the pet's size permits, a crate or portable carrier will provide safe containment in your vehicle or temporary quarters. Emergency stickers at each entrance to your home alert rescue workers to the pets who live there.

IMPORTANT - In an emergency, do NOT leave your pets at home! You may not be permitted to return for them, or you may not be able to reach them safely. Don't leave your best friend behind.