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Friends of Pets is a 501(c)(3) organization, staffed
entirely by volunteers and supported by donations.
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Adoption Application

The online adoption application takes about 15-30 minutes to complete.
Be sure to read the Adoption Policies FAQ before applying.



Diamond Animal Hospital & Emergency Services
2545 E. Tudor Rd.
24 Hours
(907) 562-8384

Pet Emergency Treatment
2320 E. Dowling Rd.
24 Hours
(907) 274-5636

ASPCA Poison Control
24 Hours
(888) 426-4435


Use the "tab" key to move from field to field. (Pressing the "enter" key may submit your
application before you are ready, but if that happens, just continue to complete the form
and submit it again when you are done.)
Name of FOP Animal Requested:
Your name:
Email address:
Physical address:

City: State: Zip:

Mailing address if different:
City: State: Zip:
Phone (daytime):
Phone (evening):
Best time to call:
Do you currently:
If renting, can you provide proof of permission to own a pet?
Renters: Provide landlord name and phone number (required):
Landlord name: Phone:

Type of home:

How long have you lived at this address?
How long did you live at your previous address?
Does your whole family agree to adopting a pet?
Are there children in the home or regularly visiting?
Ages of children:
Have the children been around pets before?
Does anyone smoke inside the home?
Is anyone in the home allergic to pets?
If yes, please describe:
Please tell us about the pets you have now:
Name Species/Breed Age How long owned?
Was this pet: Spayed/Neutered? Vaccinated? Declawed?
Name Species/Breed Age How long owned?
Was this pet Spayed/Neutered? Vaccinated? Declawed?
Name Species/Breed Age How long owned?
Was this pet Spayed/Neutered? Vaccinated? Declawed?
Name Species/Breed Age How long owned?
Was this pet: Spayed/Neutered? Vaccinated? Declawed?


Has one of your pets had a contagious illness (such as parvo, feline leukemia, ear mites
or mange) in the past 12 months? If yes, please describe:
Have you also had pets in the past? Tell us about them. What kind? How long did
you have them? What happened to them?
Were they spayed or neutered?
Were they declawed?
What were your reasons for spaying or neutering?
What were your reasons for declawing?
Why do you want to adopt a pet now?
Who will be primarily responsible for the new pet?
Where will the pet sleep at night?
Where will the pet spend most of its time?

How long will it be left alone each day?

Where will be the pet be kept when no one is at home?

Do you have a fenced yard?

Type of fence: Height:
For cats:
When outside, will the pet be restrained?
If yes, how?

How will the pet be exercised, and how often?

How will the pet be trained?

Which veterinarian/clinic will you use?

If you go away for a few days, who will care for your pet?

Are you planning to move in the near future?
If moving, what is your plan for your pet?

What is your plan if for some reason you could not keep this pet?
May we arrange to visit your home as part of the adoption process?
Any other information you wish to include, or answers you wish to expand on, please tell us here:

By submitting this application, I attest to the following:

I am at least 18 years old. I have read and agree to the adoption policies, procedures
and fees as stated on the FOP website ("Pets" page). I understand that I may not be
contacted unless my application is the best match for this pet. I further state that I
have not misrepresented any information in this applicati